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Ticket Prices*

About Your Ticket Purchase

On the purchase page, select the date and time of the show you are buying tickets for, and then select the type and number of tickets.


Promotional vouchers — Living Social, GroupOn — gift certificates, etc., can not be applied using the online ticketing system. To use these items, you must purchase your tickets at the box-office.


And finally, three very important points:


1) Ensure that that you mean to purchase tickets at the Grandview Theatre in Columbus, OH. There is another theatre by the same name in St. Paul, MN.


2) Do not press submit twice — or use the “back” feature of your browser — after confirming your purchase.


3) Print the bar codes or write down the receipt number in order to redeem your tickets. At the boxoffice, you may also present the credit card with which the tickets were purchased.


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Grandview Theatre, 1247 Grandview Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

Showtimes: +1-614-358-2886

Office: +1-614-209-2443

*Prices listed are for our regular feature. Special events are priced separately.